Sewdandee - Reusable Tea Bags (set of 2)

Sewdandee - Reusable Tea Bags (set of 2)

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Set of 2 reusable loose tea bags.

Made with hemp organic cotton fabric, these reusable tea bags are great for brewing up your favourite loose teas either in your cup or in a tea pot. Simply spoon your tea into the bag, cinch up the drawstring opening and tie to the cup or pot handle and allow to steep. Let the tea dry in the bag once it's done steeping and dispose of in your compost, rinse the tea bag and let it air dry for your next drink.

Save the waste on tea bags and buy your tea loose to use in these long lasting reusable tea bags. Machine wash after a handful of uses or hand wash with warm soapy water. Dryer is optional as you can also hang them to air dry. I don't recommend using bleach when washing.

Handmade by me in my home studio here in Winnipeg in a smoke free, cat friendly home using fabrics sourced here in Canada from Simplifi Fabrics.