What's with the plain old boxes?  Why not use pretty new ones with your logo?

We love pretty and new too - especially when you get it delivered to your door!  The problem is that we believe it is wasteful.  We get all of these great boxes from our suppliers.  Why would we recycle them only to have new ones made? Recycling is great for our earth, but reusing is better!  Besides, it's what's inside that counts!

Speaking of reusing, is it true you take and reuse packing materials?

Yup, it sure is!  If you are coming to pick up your order or if we are delivering it to you, we will gladly take your packing materials.  We all order a lot on line now and get an abundance of bubble wrap, air pockets, styrofoam peanuts (thankfully those are few and far between now) and other packing materials.  If you would like to do your part to keep things green, you are encouraged to bring us your packing materials or you can leave them outside your door for us to take on the day we deliver your package (please put a note or something on it to indicate that we should take it).  We've got plenty of boxes, however, so we don't need those!

What about selling Manitoba made clothing, jewelry, bath and body products and that kind of thing?

Sometimes it about kills us to say no to some of the incredible makers out there!  There are so many talented people making many items that don't fit under our mission of "food. drink. home."  Yet, we feel that we need to be true to our roots, true to our goals and true to our mission.  Like it says in our "About" section, we are small and we like it that way.  We're not keen on a Manitoba "Amazon".

I'm a Manitoba maker and I'd love to see my products sold by Love Local MB.  How can I make that happen?

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for our store, please email us at lovelocalinfo@gmail.com.  Please keep in mind what we mentioned above: Our focus is on food, drink and home.