Vendor List

2023 - 8th Annual Premier Food, Beer and Wine Event 
Vendor Booth #
AlleArten Canada Inc 19
Amanda Lynn 44
Angel's Share 31
Azra's Kitchen 30
Baltic Bros 17
Barn Hammer Brewing Company 29
biltong 39
Bliss Gourmet Baked Goods 5
Bones & Marrow Broth Company 35
BREWTeas 27
Canadian Birch Company 36
Capital K Distillery 20
Dead Horse Cider Co 2
Farmery 40
Fat Iguana Chefs Kitchen 24
Fort Garry Brewing 41
Gourmet Inspirations 9
Jaya’s Preserves 43
Lady Di’s Snackers 21
Lake of the Woods Brewery 23
Little Brown Jug 15
Other Brother Roasters Ltd. 45
Perfect perogies 11+12
Planetary Provisions 42
Prairie Cricket Farms 28
Prairie Kitchen Catering 3
Red Rive Co-op 1
Seriously Oats 16
Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company 8
Spreads by Cede 26
Stone City Coffee Roasters 6
Tasty Heat's Foods 13
Von Slick's Inc. 34
Westside Premium Craft Sauces 7
Wolseley Kombucha 38
Women's Enterprise Center 22
Wooden Gate Cider 14
Company Name Website Products
AlleArten Canada Inc. Casava flour
Amanda Lynn A variety of the following: perogies, cabbage rolls, soups, pizza, desserts. Branded merchandise. Fresh baking (tbd).
Sampling chocolate chip blondie and perogies.
Angel Share cocktail Cocktail Mixes
Azra's Kitchen Chickpea Burgers, Breaded Chickpea Burgers
Baltic Bros Craft Spirits
Barn Hammer Brewing Company Beer, Cider
Bliss Gourmet Baked Goods Almond Toffee; Hazelnut Florentine; Coconut Florentine; Almond Biscotti; Lemon Raspberry Buttercream Filled Cookie; Pasticinni Buttercream Filled Cookie; Sugar free Lemon Poppyseed; Sugar free Cinnamon; Sugar free Orange Cranberry; Buttercream Filled Ginger; Buttercream Filled Biscotti; Cinnamon Butter; Fig Biscotti; Butter walnut Cluster; Ginger Butter Box Cookie; Almond Toffee Box Cookie; Cinnamon Box Cookie
Bones & Marrow Broth Company Broth by the cup
BREWTeas Tea
Canadian Birch Company Birch Syrup & value added products (Including Birch bacon jam!)
Capital K Distillery Grapefruit Vodka, Chili Vodka, Dill Pickle Vodka, Espresso Vodka, Cranberry Gin, MB moonshine, Rye Whiskey
Dead Horse Cider Co Hard Apple Cider and Apple Sodas and Sparkling Apple Water
Farmery Beer
Fat Iguana Chefs Kitchen Hot Sauces
Fort Garry Brewing Hectors Hard Beverages, (peach, Iced tea, cherry, Blue) & Middle Provenice Craft Lager
Gourmet Inspirations Gourmet sauces/rubs/seasonings/syrups
HEYRU Hibiscous tea/Shea Butter
Jaya’s Preserves Spicy Indian style pickles, jam, jelly, marmalade
Lady Di’s Snackers Flavoured pretzels
Lake of the Woods Brewery Beer
Little Brown Jug Beer
Mr. Biltong beef jerky
Perfect Pierogies pierogies
Planetary Provisions Freeze dried candies, fruits and ice creams
Popcart Ice Pops
Prairie Cricket Farms Roasted Crickets (smokey bbq, dill pickle, salt and vinegar), Chocolate Cricket Clusters
Prairie Kitchen Catering Veggie Chips & dips, appetizers, hot dogs, pasta
Seriously Oats Samples of our prepared Seriously Oats (samples will be individually packaged).
Shrugging Doctor Beverage Company Wine
Spreads by Cede Almond butter - Cacao Maca, Lucuma Turmeric, Acai Blueberry, Matcha Lavender
Cashew Butter - Chaga Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet
Almond butter energy bites
Stone City Coffee Roasters Coffee
Tasty Heat's Foods Hot Sauces and Condiments
Von Slick's Inc. Finishing Butter
Westside Premium Craft Sauces Sauces
Wolseley Kombucha Kombucha on tap
Wooden Gate Cider Ciders and Wines