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Practical Homestead - Cheese Wrap

Practical Homestead - Cheese Wrap

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Reusable Cheese wrap is our best seller! The wrap keeps your cheese fresh. Wraps around opened brick of cheese to keep it fresh without the use of plastic wrap or single use plastic. No more dried out cheese.

It’s so great to have an alternative to plastic and plastic wrap. No more plastic with an elastic wrapped around your cheese to attempt to keep fresh in the fridge!

These have a Certified Foodsafe lining that is manufactured in USA. The lining is also waterproof, so the moisture of the cheese stays in the cheese and does not dry out. These can also be stored in fridge or freezer and washed in machine and dryer on medium or low setting. The wrap is secured with hook & loop so it is flexible for square block or rectangles etc. The outer is 100% cotton.