Heyru Monk Fruit Sweetener

Heyru Monk Fruit Sweetener

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with Erythritol 240g

Features and Benefits:

• Cholesterol-Free
• No Aftertaste
• Vegan & Non-GMO
• Ethically & Sustainably-Sourced
• Substitute for Refined Sugar (2x sweeter)

Product Description

Monk Fruit, or Luo Han Guo, is a small, round fruit from the gourd family, cultivated in rural Southeast Asia and traditionally known for its medicinal benefits.

HEYRU’s ethically and sustainably sourced Monk Fruit Sweetener is a blend of pure grade monk fruit extract and erythritol served in granular form. Monk Fruit can be used as a great substitute for refined sugar as it is twice as sweeter than regular sugar. It is delightful as a sweetener in coffee, tea (either hot or cold), yogurt, baked goods, cereals, sauces, or fruit spreads.

The packaging is made from eco-friendly 100% certified compostable materials. The inner lining is plant-based material, made from PLA. The pouch has a robust and resalable zipper to maintain optimal freshness.