Elle Studio Organics - Steeping Bag

Elle Studio Organics - Steeping Bag

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Do you love using bath salts, but are tired of the mess left over in your tub?

Our solution is our 100% cotton steeping bags.

The perfect way to keep your bath clean, yet benefit from your favourite Steeping Bath Salts and Essential Oil Blends.


Simply add your Bath Salts into the Steeping Bag and allow it to float and dissolve into your bath. Hang to dry.

Essential oils may be added into your steeping bag or directly into your bath water.

(Please note the natural oils and salts will discolor your bag over time)

Enjoy our aromatherapy in the shower:

Add a few drops of our Essential Oil Blends onto the outside of your bag and hang it in the shower for an uplifting and invigorating morning shower.