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Jacked Up Jill - Glow Getter

Jacked Up Jill - Glow Getter

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ORIGIN: Guatemala

ROAST: Light

FLAVOUR NOTES: Sweet & Juicy; Bright, Medium Body, Citrus

When all the world is still sleeping, She waits to illuminate your horizon.

Jacked Up Jill’s Glow-Getter is a cloaked dynamo, a lightly roasted coffee. She will gently wipe the dreams from your mind and spark your focus to make those dreams reality.

When you first meet her, she radiates with bright, juicy citrus notes. But she’s more than superficial beauty. She’s the kind of girl you want to be one-on-one with: cream and sugar would only muddy the freshness of the flavours she‘s offering. When she’s gone, all that lingers is a sweetness and the exuberance for life that she inspired.

Prepare to be dazzled.