Felted Woolly Goat Soap
Felted Woolly Goat Soap

Felted Woolly Goat Soap

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Goat milk soap wrapped in 100% wool.

A washcloth and soap in one, the soap suds comes through the wool. 

Felted soap has a much longer life span than your typical bar of soap. 

We love to use it to clean up our hands after gardening, painting etc. 

It’s great for little hands after crafting. 

(The wool makes the soap less slippery). 

Simply soak in warm water and lather, scrubs and exfoliates. (The wool should shrink along with the soap). 

Pleasant to look at, pleasant to smell and a pleasure to use. Makes a great little gift for teachers, bridal showers, for grandma or just as decor by the sink. 

We recommend using as a hand soap as they are soft and gentle on your skin.