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Created Mother - Therapy Packs

Created Mother - Therapy Packs

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Includes a washable cover

Therapy Packs:

May provide relief for:

  • Sore muscles
  • Body aches and pains
  • Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Relief for nursing mothers
  • Anxiety management

Extra Large (10"x20")

  • The preferred size for adults. Perfect for soothing large areas. Across your shoulders, down your back, shins, across your pelvis etc! 

    How to use your Therapy Pack:

     Hot: Heat in the microwave (or oven) until desired temperature

    Microwave use:

    • Heating temperature varies greatly based on the microwave being used. Please use caution and test-warm your pack a few times so you can warm your pack with confidence. Starting as low as 45 seconds is recommended.
    • Overheating your pack will cause damage to the wheat.
    • Please clean your microwave before heating your therapy pack.

    Oven use:

    • preheat oven to 120C (250 F).
    • Wrap the Therapy pack in clean tinfoil
    • Let heat for 5-10 minutes.
    • Remove the pack from the oven, do a temperature test and either let it cool further or keep heating it until desired temperature.
    • The tinfoil can be reused but must remain clean.
    • Overheating your pack will cause damage to the wheat.

    Cold: Store in a bag in the freezer.

    • Storing your therapy pack in a bag will prevent your pack from absorbing freezer smells. Either plastic or silicone is highly recommended to extend the life of your therapy pack.



    • Therapy Packs are made with Canadian wheat.
    • Therapy Packs are not toys; parental guidance is recommended. 
    • Therapy Packs are NOT washable.
    • Covers are pre-shrunk and are machine washable.
    • In the rare case that your therapy pack starts popping like popcorn, discontinue use and email