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Children's book - Operation Teddy Time

Children's book - Operation Teddy Time

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Tara Clark
Catherine Schroeder
Annie Wiebe


Paperback children's book.

Puppies love nothing more than attention, and Teddy is no exception. When she first arrives at her forever home, she gets lots of it. Her new family loves to play with her, and pet her, and cuddle with her. All the time. She is happier than she has ever been. But when life gets busier for her people, everything changes. She watches them come and go, from school and from work, from dancing and playing sports outside their home … from doing everything with everyone but her.

 She doesn’t understand what’s happening, or why they’ve forgotten about her, but she has a plan: Operation Teddy Time! Her people need their things when they go out without her, so if she hides them, maybe they wont leave. Perhaps they’ll realize she’s there and focus on her again, if she gets creative and makes them remember!

 For some reason though, her people don’t seem to appreciate her efforts. They’re paying her a bit more attention, but not the kind she wants. She’ll just have to try harder. What could possibly go wrong?