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Good People Foods - Vegnola
Good People Foods - Vegnola
Good People Foods - Vegnola

Good People Foods - Vegnola

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Beet, Coconut and Cashew

Inhale the light beet and vanilla aroma and exhale all the troubles of the world. You'll fall in love with this beet, coconut and cashew flavour for its perfect balance of earthy and sweet. 

Carrot, Black Pepper and Turmeric 

As refreshing as a hike in the woods and as warm as a bonfire at night, this flavor combo offers it all - energizing carrot and warming turmeric and black pepper spices. Our award-winning flavor is the perfect balance of savoury and sweet.

Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter and Tahini

Ride the flavour wave of this unique combo - sweet potato and peanut butter with creamy tahini. A Canadian favourite that is decadent yet wholesome and loaded with goodness.

*Very high source of fibre

*Excellent source of manganese

*Good source of copper, phosphorous and iron

*No refined sugar, sweetened with a hint of coconut sugar

*Made with wholegrain oats

*Gluten free

250 g